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Where fishing is concerned, there is more than one way to get them out of the water. For commercial purposes, the use of a net is most common as it increases the number of fish caught in a single cast. For recreational fishing, rod fishing and bowfishing are the most common. A fishing bow would be a great addition to your fishing tool kit. With a little bit of aim and the best bowfishing bow, your catch is all but guaranteed. Also, you don’t have to wait a while for fish to take the bait before you can reel them in. Yours is to find the fish, shoot, and reel in. In clear water, this is relatively easy to do.

In our bowfishing bow review, the features say a lot about which product is best suited to helping you catch fish. These include the draw length as that is influenced by the length of your arms. Also, the draw weight factors due to the fact that it controls shot power and speed. Speed of the shot where specified makes a compelling case on whether to buy a particular product or not. In addition to the above, most bows come with their unique features and accessories and as such, being aware of these can help sway the buying jury.

Top 5 Best Bowfishing Bows Review 2020

A list of the 5 Best bowfishing bows doesn’t just materialize from thin air. You would have to spend countless working hours researching the subject and going from one manufacturer website to the next for information on specific bows. This is a tall order nevertheless one we took on and can, therefore, bring you some of the best options out there. In addition to a table of the best bowfishing bows, there is also a buying guide as you will still have to choose from the options provided. Between these two sections are in-depth reviews of mentioned products, including their pros and cons. As such if you find yourself fishing with flimsy gear, you would have no one to blame but yourself.


RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow KitEditor’s Choice

  • Draw length: 24-31 inches
  • Draw weight: 30-70 lbs.
  • Axle to axle length: 30 inches
  • Max. speed: 315 FPS

 Extra features: 5-pin sight with light and level, biscuit-style rest, stabilizer, four arrow quiver, and string stop

Some would argue that the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit is the best bowfishing bow for the money and it even takes its place as our editor’s choice. At first glance, this is more similar to a hunting bow than it resembles a bowfishing bow. Nevertheless, if you buy this tool, you won’t have to purchase another one for either of those two uses. The five-pin sight might come in handy where you are trying to get more accuracy from your shots. This is in line with the peep sight as well on the back end of the bow.

While the tool comes with a four arrow quiver, you will hardly ever need more than one when you are fishing. This is because you have to reel in your catch along with the arrow that you shot. Speaking of reels, you will probably have to buy a reel along with a fishing arrow as well. Design-wise these are different from regular arrows with the fletching conveniently missing.

Most of the components of the device are made from aluminum inclusive of the cams.

Where adjustments are concerned, you can change the draw length from 24 inches incrementally until you reach a length that is ideal for you or the maximum length of 31 inches. For the draw weight, 70 pounds is the maximum you can get to, which is more than enough to kill your target whether we are talking deer or fish. You may have to spend a little extra on accessories, but with the versatility of the tool, it seems worth it.

Why are we impressed?

  • Durable construction
  • Can be switched from deer hunting to bowfishing at a moment’s notice
  • Lifetime warranty

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • You need extra accessories for the tool to work
  • No left-hand options
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Cajun Shore Runner Ext Ready to Fish KitBest Compound Bow for Bowfishing

  • Draw length: 29 inches
  • Draw weight: 50 lbs.
  • Axle to axle length: 31.5 inches
  • Max. speed: not specified

Extra features:right-handed compound bow, includes constant draw cam

The power of the Cajun Shore Runner EXT Ready to Fish Kit may be just what you need to have better luck on your fishing trips. The compound bow design does a lot to take some of the weight of the draw off your shoulders.

Also, string management can get complicated in this contraption. Lucky for you the deep cam groves help keep the strings in check. Furthermore, the constant draw cam comes appreciated by users since it makes reaching the user’s maximum draw length just a little easier.

You will also want to know what you’ll be getting, aside from the bow in the package. Contents include an arrow rest, blister buster finger pads, one arrow and a bow fishing reel. If you need anything else to hit your fish targets, you can make an extra purchase.

Notably, left-handed users are out of luck with this purchase unless they can train to use their right hands instead. However, if you are a righty you no doubt will appreciate the power that results from the 50 lbs draw weight of this bow.

What are our favorite features?

  • Multiple accessories included
  • Easy to use

What could be better?

  • Can’t be used by left-handed people

RPM Bowfishing Nitro Bow BlackBest Design

  • Draw length: 26-28.5 inches
  • Draw weight: 35-55 lbs.
  • Axle to axle length: 42.5 inches
  • Max. speed: not specified 

Extra features: aluminum timing wheels, aluminum riser, draw stops, saddles

If you are familiar with bow types, then you will likely mistake this for a recurve bow. After all, the overall structure is similar. However, this is only possible if you do not notice the wheels positioned on the riser. You will also find it rather easy to adjust perimeters depending on your needs as the user. These include the draw weight from 35 pounds to a maximum of 55 pounds. On the higher end of the spectrum, the shots you release are likely to move faster and be more powerful. If you need to adjust this feature, the tools for doing so should be available as part of the shipping package.

Where this tool gets impressive is with the inclusion of different let off modules.  You can choose from the three options available which are the 55, 65, or 80% let-off depending on how much you think you need for your style of bowfishing. Also, you can use this tool for deer hunting as well. As far as accessories are concerned, you might have to buy them separate as the only thing that comes in the box are the bow and adjustment tools. However, this doesn’t serve to offset the cost as you still have to spend about 500 dollars to make the purchase. If you add the value of all the accessories that make this tool workable in a bowfishing scenario, the price is likely to reach upwards of 600 dollars.

In contrast to a few of the models mentioned above, you cannot use this tool if you are predominantly left-handed.

What are our favorite features?

  • Can be used for deer hunting in addition to bow fishing
  • Adjustable draw weight and length
  • Tools for tweaking the bow come in the box

What could be better?

  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t come with accessories

Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing KitBest Value

  • Draw length: 21-30 inches
  • Draw weight: 25-40 lbs.
  • Axle to axle length: 35.5 inches
  • Max. speed: not specified

 Extra features: kit comes with one fiberglass arrow, arrow rest, and Zebco 808 bow Fisher reel pre-spooled with 200-lb line

The next device on our list is one of the best compound bowfishing bows. Some of the benefits of such a bow include but are not limited to the fact that the draw weight is adjustable and that it is easier for you to reach full draw due to the inclusion of cams. The device also features an adjustable draw length of between 21-30 inches. All the little things that you can tweak about the bowfishing bow make this one of the more versatile tools you can find on the market. Also, these tweaks make it possible for a wide range of people with different size limbs to go out and purchase the Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing Kit.

Where the axle to axle length is concerned, you get to see a device that features slightly more than 35 inches. One benefit of ordering this model is the fact that you won’t have to spend more upgrading your bow. You have all the necessary accessories in the package. Among the extras, something you are likely to take note off is the fisher reel. Remember that after shooting the fish you have to reel them in and it helps if you have a sturdy tool for such a purpose. For that reason, the Zebco 808 reel with a 200 lb line makes an excellent fit for use with this bow.

The arrow also comes in the package. Where you are new to bowfishing, you might be surprised by the lack of fletching, but this is a common theme where this sport is concerned. Left-handed people often feel left out as they can’t use most of the bows on offer. However, they do not have to worry about such with the Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing Kit. However, they might need to fork out a little extra cash for the same model than right-handed people.

Overall the tool features an ergonomic design which is also coupled with a smooth draw cycle making the bow a joy to use.

Why is it special?

  • Right-handed and left-handed configurations
  • Good quality reel
  • Comes with all necessary accessories

What are the flaws?

  • Left-handed people need to spend more money to get the same bow
  • Draw length: 28 inches
  • Draw weight: 45 lbs.
  • Axle to axle length: 56 inches
  • Max. speed: not specified 

Extra features: high-grade aluminum riser and composite limbs, no-slip rubber grip, finger pads for a consistency pad

The first pick of the day is also our budget option for people who don’t have much cash to splurge on a fishing bow. Nevertheless, you get almost everything you would need to get started on your first bow fishing trip. The body of this recurve bow for bowfishing is made from durable aluminum. As such you don’t have to worry about damage even where there are a few knocks and bruises along the way. The distance between the ends of the bow measures about 56 inches, but that is not to be taken to mean the device has a high draw length. It maxes out at just 28 inches.

Also, the draw weight is 45 lbs, with absolutely no let-off. As such you will be required to release the arrow soon after you draw else you risk messing with the integrity of the shot. This is one of the products on our line up where the max speed of the arrow remains unspecified. However, you can set your record depending on the power you put on the draw and the efficiency of the release. Additionally, the package includes a drum reel. Some people may find the reel tiresome to use. Nevertheless, it is not a permanent attachment, and you can choose to upgrade at a later date. However, you should make the best use of the available reel when you first get the tool.

You will also get an arrow with a piranha point. The arrow will be attached to your bow, and you will have to reel in your catch before you can set up for your next shot. As such, you don’t need more than one arrow for the experience. You might also come to appreciate the inclusion of a non-slip rubber grip. If you feel that the current setup of the bow is not enough, you can add some extra components such as a sight or a better reel. This is made possible by the inclusion of threaded holes that you can mount these attachments on.

Why did it make our list?

  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with a few necessary accessories
  • High draw weight
  • Durable construction
  • Upgradable with a few extra accessories

What is not ideal about it?

  • Doesn’t come with assembly instructions for beginners
  • No left-handed configuration

Things to Consider

As per your unique needs and wants every one of you will have a bow that will work individually for you without providing the same feel for other people. As such, it becomes a requirement that you make the right choice beforehand else you risk having to return the product after purchase. This will not only waste your money but your time as well since you will need to look for a replacement. In the spirit of efficiency, you should list down features you prefer in a device common to bowfishing bows. From there, you can pick out those that are a must-have and which ones are optional. After that, pick out a few models and see which ones fulfill most of your requirements.

Features to consider while choosing a bow fishing bow

From the above exercise, you can narrow down your options from hundreds to less than ten, which is what we have done. However, you should still to be aware of what the features are for bowfishing bows and how they may apply in real life shooting situations. Here are a couple of the features to look out for as you search:

5 Best Bowfishing Bows — Improve Your Archery Skills!Bow Type

There are several bow types on the market with the most popular ones for fishing being compound bows. This is true for hunting as well. Compound bows typically have “wheels” on the tips of the bow or cams as they are called and these help to hold the draw weight for longer. The let-off value is what tells you how much easier it is to keep your bow at full draw. With an 80% let-off, you get 80% of the load shaved off.

Another type is the traditional bow. These are some of the most simplistic in design and are usually carved out of a single piece of wood. It is so easy to make that most people don’t have to buy these. They get the raw materials and craft them in their garage. Osage is a common type of wood preferred for traditional bows. Also, they have a D-shape once you thread them.

You can also get a recurve bow. With traditional bows, the wooden part curves towards the user when strung. The case is different for recurve bow. From the middle the bow curves towards the user then towards the edges it curves back outwards. These types of bows tend to be more powerful than their traditional counterparts. Also, there are takedown recurve bows that have the riser and the limbs as components that can be taken apart.

Longbows have a similar structure to that of traditional bows only they are longer. The wood used to curve the bow is usually similar in size to the archer. On the other hand, you have crossbows. These have mechanisms that make it easier to draw and release the string. Using the crossbow is more or less like using a gun. A difference comes up in the long reload time after you shoot. Also, in the past, these could shoot bolts that were meant to inflict maximum damage to other human beings in war. Most modern crossbows only shoot arrows but can also be configured to shoot bullets as well.

Yumi bows also feature as well. These are even taller than the archer and have Japanese origins. Traditionally the main construction component for these bows was bamboo. Some are still made the same way, but there are options made from lacquered bamboo and fiberglass/carbon fiber as well. As you can see from the options provided, not all are made for bowfishing, and as such, you should be more selective in your choices.


5 Best Bowfishing Bows — Improve Your Archery Skills!Some of these bows come with their arrows. If you want to head out fishing as soon as you receive the package, then these are for you. However, if yours doesn’t feature arrows as an included accessory you might have to wait till you receive your package before shopping for arrows. Size matters a lot, and you have to get the arrows that will work best with the size of your bow as well as the draw length. This requires you to measure your bow and sometimes even take it with you to the store where you buy your arrows.


Pricing will determine the affordability of a product. You have to have a budget in mind; otherwise, you may end up spending money you don’t have. A budget tells you your limitations, and hence you will be able to gauge whether the product is worth buying or not. Where a few bowfishing bows are in the affordable range, you then have to compare features. If you get more value for money with a particular option, then you can pick it out and make the purchase. If not keep scrolling through the various options and you are bound to find one for you.


Due to a compound bow’s drawing efficiency, the archer will experience less shake in their hands. The result will likely be a more accurate shot. On the other hand more power is required to pull the string on a recurve bow. Due to this factor, a little shakiness is expected, which will thus affect the accuracy of shots negatively.

It is possible to upgrade your bow with a sight. There are several models that you can attach to your device. This will help you aim better, and as a result, you can improve your accuracy. The same is the case for some of the adjustments in draw weight and draw length provided by compound bows. The fact that some of these measurements may be adjusted to suit your body type, size, and power may also help increase your overall accuracy.

The arrows you use affect the accuracy of your shot. For instance, if you use regular arrows, they are going to divert once they enter the water. This is due to the fletching being pushed by waves. On the other hand, if an arrow is more durable and has no fletching, the trajectory is likely to be more straight and accurate. In simple terms, it matters a lot what arrows you use.

Our Verdict

The Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing Kit would make the first pick for many due to its all-round nature. It holds sufficient power for most fishing applications and can thus tear through fish scales for different types of fish. The features and accessories make it easier to get into the bowfishing sport. All of these will also not cost you too much out of pocket.

Where money doesn’t seem like that big an issue, the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit makes a more compelling case for why you should choose it over all other options. The strong point of the bow is the power you get with your shots. The speed that your arrows shoot out at is also something to write home about. This is not to say that this is a cheap bowfishing bow.

For anyone looking to have more control over their shots ,the Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow is a good bet. No let-off which means it’s just you against the fish. If you can reach and maintain the 45-pound draw weight, you have nothing to worry about with this device. This may even work as a starter bow for bowfishing. With buying the equipment a few clicks away, you can start planning a fishing trip as soon as today. From the five options provided above which one works best for you?

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