5 Best Climbing Shoes for Kids Who Want to Conquer New Heights

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Rock climbing is an exciting activity that can help your kids avoid living a sedentary lifestyle. Combined with good eating habits, an active lifestyle reduces the encroachment of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension. However, finding the best climbing shoes for kids especially those with foot size 1-10 can be a daunting task.

To help you find the right climbing shoe for your kid, our research looks at some important features. The shoe’s sole is a key feature because your kid’s safety matters to us. The upper material of the shoe is also important. If you make the wrong choice, your kid’s feet may sweat or inflame. Shoes on our list have either leather or synthetic material on the upper part. With the right shoe, your kid can enjoy rock climbing comfortably.

We took it upon ourselves to conduct a research that has taken us several weeks. This will ensure you get the right information that will help you find the perfect shoe for your kid. We have talked to professional rock climbers, parents, and other relevant stakeholders to give you this comprehensive write-up. This article starts with a comparison table, which gives a glimpse of the different types of shoes we will feature. It then proceeds to an in-depth analysis on each shoe, a buyer’s guide and our final verdict.

Top 5 Climbing Shoes For Kids Review 2022


Butora Brava Kids Climbing ShoeEditor’s Choice

  • Upper: synthetic
  • Sole: rubber
  • Closure: hook-and-loop
  • Sizes: 3-5 little kids

More features: EVS midsole, butyl rubber Butora F5, flat profileб adjustable heel strap

Butora Brava Kids Climbing Shoe is our preferred kid’s shoe for many reasons. For your information, the upper part of this shoe is made of pure synthetic. This tells you why many parents prefer it to other shoes in the market.

The shoe is currently available in three distinctive colors namely Aurora pink, Angel blue, and blue.

Whether the kid wears this shoe for many hours or only for a short time, he/she will not suffer any discomfort. The EVA inside the shoe adds a big degree of comfort and absorbs unwanted sweat.

We particularly love the idea that the shoe comes with a rubber sole. While many climbing shoes for kids come with such soles, Butora Brava Kids Climbing Shoe sole is exceptional. The shoe has power over the rocks and any terrain.

Apart from giving the kid, a firm step on the ground while climbing or ascending downhill, the shoe is bound to last for several seasons ahead. This is not any sort of hyperbole because the butyl F5 is one of the few quality shades of rubber that is used to make climbing shoes.

While the shoe is available in different sizes, the current Butora Brava Kids Climbing Shoe measures 9” x 6” x 4” and weighs only 9.6 oz.

Because of its lightweight nature, the shoe continues be many young people’s favorite camping   partner. In addition, it is affordable in many online stores thus even if you are on a tight budget, it is possible to grab this shoe.

Why is it special?

  • Non-slip
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to tighten and loosen
  • Available in different bright colors

What are the flaws?

  • The shoe sizing is off by 2-3 sizes

La Sportiva Kids' Stickit Rock Climbing ShoeBest for Rock Climbing

  • Upper: synthetic, leather
  • Sole: 3mm FriXion® RS rubber
  • Closure: lace
  • Sizes: 8-12 big kids

More features: unlined, low asymmetry, RN 10 last

Are you fascinated with rock climbing? Do you intend to teach your kid how to climb a rocky mountain? If this is what you have been thinking of doing, the answer is La Sportiva Kids’ shoe. One thing you must know about this shoe is it is made of two materials, synthetic and leather.

Here is the biggest thing we love about the shoe: it is made in the USA and certified by tens of hundreds of relevant bodies across the world.

The ingenious green color is another thing to put in mind. We find out that the manufacturer did not just wake up one morning and settled on the green color. It is something the maker thought for a long time. As it were, green is the color of nature. Branding this shoe with a green color is a thought-provoking thing.

Do not worry about skidding or slipping when your kid steps on a stone. We were amazed with the type of rubber used to make the sole of this shoe. To be precise, the sole is made up of 3mm FriXion® RS rubber, one of the highest quality rubber soles in the market.

The shoe is highly adjustable. Kids will not have a problem lacing up the shoe. Looping is also quite easy whether it at the top of the shoe or at the heel. Although the upper part of the shoe is mostly covered with leather, your kid’s feet will not suffer any scorching heat. There is proper aeration.

The shoe measures 10” x 6” x 5”.

Why did it make our list?

  • Durable
  • Soft
  • Easy to lace up
  • Easy to loop
  • Offers proper feet aeration

What is not ideal about it?

  • Does not let in enough air
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  • Upper: synthetic
  • Sole: Science Friction 3.0 rubber
  • Closure: hook-and-loop
  • Sizes: 1-13 little kids

More features: 1.4 mm polyester midsole, moderate asymmetry

Mad Rock Mad Monkey is our budget pick when you are sourcing out kids’ shoes. At the moment, this blue or yellow shoe goes for only $45. With all its beautiful features, some of which you cannot find in other kids’ shoes, the shoe fits kids from size 1 to size 13.

The shoe features a hook and loop closure style and comes with a Science Friction 3.0 rubber sole.

Our research shows us that although this kid-climbing shoe is seemingly new in the market, because it was listed on most online stores in mid 2018, the shoe has gained popularity. The 1.4 mm polyester midsole helps kids to climb the mountain without the fear of falling or skidding after stepping on a stone or sand.

To offer the wearer the needed aeration on his/her feet, the upper part of the shoe is made from a synthetic material. This type of fabric is famed globally for its comfort and quick sweat absorbing ability while it allows air to pass through its tiny holes.

One of the users our team talked to agreed that the shoe has helped her son climb the mountain with ease. According to the Ian’s mother, the son has used the shoe for six years. She says she can’t remember any day her son complain of any discomfort. All she says is the shoe has ample space for her son’s feet.

Do not worry about shoe balancing because this shoe is designed with a moderate asymmetry thus offering kid’s comfort when trekking up or downhill.

Why are we impressed?

  • Spacious
  • Comfortable flex
  • Bright colors
  • Excellent rubber
  • Easy to put on and take off

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Prone to developing holes near the toes

Boreal Ninja Jr. Climbing ShoeBest for Little Kids

  • Upper: split leather
  • Sole: Boreal FS-QUATTRO 4-4.6 mm rubber
  • Closure: hook-and-loop
  • Sizes: 1-4 little kids

More features: adjustable heel, half-stiff midsole, slip-lasted

Boreal Ninja Jr. Climbing Shoe is our choice for little kids who have the passion to climb mountains. As such, we have considered a number of things to reach this conclusion. Among the top reasons, why we chose this shoe to be the best for kids is the material used to make the shoe. The entire body is 100% leather.

The midsole is half-stiff thus offers kids exquisite comfort. The top and of the shoe is made of high-quality leather with the closing system left to hook and loop. FS-Quattro rubber closes the shoe’s sole with the length ranging from 4 mm to 4.6 mm.

The other distinctive things we love about this best climbing shoe for kids are the size, straps, and its weight. As mentioned, the shoe offers kids maximum comfort and allows them to decrease or increase its size using the adjustable strap.

Boreal Ninja Jr. Climbing Shoe weighs a meager 153 grams and measures 10 inches x 6 inches x 5 inches. The half midsole is made from texon, a high-quality midsole material that is available in only high-end kids’ climbing shoes.

The adjustable heel makes this shoe unique for small kids preferably sizes ranging from 1 to 4. In addition, the non-slip rubber sole makes the shoe the most likeable among young climbers. The combination of the rubber sole and the split leather top enable kids to navigate comfortably up to the rugged mountainous environment and back. Besides, the shoe offers the wearer an asymmetrical band, which reinforces balance, sturdiness, and comfort.

What do we love it for?

  • Adjustable
  • Soft interior
  • Fits properly
  • Easy to wear and buckle up

What were we disappointed with?

  • Heavy to most kids

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing ShoeBest for Narrow Feet

  • Upper: synthetic
  • Sole: NeoFriction rubber 4.3 mm
  • Closure: hook-and-loop
  • Sizes: 1-13 little kids

More features: slip-lasted, hemp lining, 3D-molded heel, microfabric midsole

The shoe is flat at the bottom and neutral thus offering the user comfortable vertical climbing. To ensure the kid is comfortable while wearing the shoe, the manufacturer has employed Engineered Knit Technology especially on its upper part that provides stunning foot breathability.

For optimal durability and usability, the shoe is designed with a 4.3 mm rubber sole, which allows kids to climb the mountain with ease and descend downhill.

The 3D-molded heel is another outstanding thing we love about the shoe. With the sole, kids can comfortably step on any surface without the fear of slipping. Besides, we appreciate the microfabric midsole, which apart from absorbing excessive sweat gives the wearer maximum comfort.

While the shoe’s sole is made from 4.3 mm NeoFriction rubber, the top material is made from the closely and tightly knit synthetic fabric. To achieve proper fitting, the maker of the shoe has put two hooks and strong loop straps that create room for adjustment.

Little kids whose shoe size range from 1 to 13 are eligible to wear this shoe. The product measures 10 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches. While the measurements might look constant, the adjustable straps plus the loops and hooks allows the user to adjust the shoe to his/her size.

What makes it stand out?

  • Enough breathability
  • Spacious
  • Strong straps
  • Durable sole
  • Sturdy top

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Incredibly narrow for already narrow feet
  • The shoe is heavy

Things to Consider

Depending on their age and training, a few kids may know what they want. In most cases, however, parents, guardians, or their coaches need to guide them in finding the right shoe. This section will help you make the perfect choice.

The right climbing shoes from the very beginning

5 Best Climbing Shoes for Kids Who Want to Conquer New HeightsIf you really want your kid to love climbing, you have to start early. Granted, kids grow differently. Most kids will not develop the passion to climb uphill unless you teach and motivate them accordingly. If you want your kid to love climbing, it is your duty to help him/her find the right type of shoe from the very early age.

Tips for safe climbing with kids

We must agree that kids are vulnerable. Unlike adults, kids’ muscles are feeble. That said, it is the duty of the parent; guardian or coach for that matter to ensure safety at all times. Here are some useful tips to ensure safe climbing.

  1. The first tip is to consider a rubber sole. For instance, our choice for the best shoe with exceptional rubber sole is Butora Brava Kids Climbing Shoe.
  2. Always hold your kid when climbing. Do not leave them to climb too far from you, especially if they are younger.
  3. Advise them against making long steps. Short steps are good for starts.
  4. Ensure you have resting sessions amid your climbing. Carry enough drinking water. If possible, the kid should not carry anything on their back.
  5. You can also give your kid a trekking pole to increase his/her stability and develop confidence.

Price search

Do not just buy the first shoe that you come across in an online store. You may be surprised to find dozens of other high-quality shoes out there after making the purchase. While the best price for a kid’s climbing shoe is relative, the truth is you can now buy the best kids’ climbing shoe in the world for as little as $45. If you want the best budget kids’ climbing shoe, we suggest you consider Mad Rock Mad Monkey Kids Climbing Shoe.

The best climbing shoes for kids should be chosen by the following features

You cannot wake up one morning and buy a climbing shoe without doing your due diligence. During the research, you should explore a couple of things before you purchase a particular climbing shoe for your kid.

Climbing type matters

5 Best Climbing Shoes for Kids Who Want to Conquer New HeightsOne of the first thing to consider is the shoe’s climbing type. Bouldering shoes are the first type of climbing shoes. These often have a softer flex and are popular in competitive events since they improve smearing. They are also fitted with lots of rubber on the toes to assist inverted climbing. Sport climbing shoes, on the other hand, are used for longer climbs and have a firm flex to enhance support at such heights. Speed climbing shoes are another type that are useful when smearing abounds in speed. They have a soft flex but are flat at the bottom. In addition, to the type of shoe, the place/terrain you are climbing matters a lot.


Among all the features we are going to discuss herein, the shoe’s outsole is perhaps the most important feature you need to look at. Granted, other features play important roles but you will see why we emphasize on outsoles. Whether you are climbing uphill during a dry season, the grass, the sand or the stones impose a danger of slipping. To ensure stability when climbing an outsole that is firm, sticks to the ground is important. For this reason, we suggest you consider La Sportiva Kids’ Stickit Rock Climbing Shoe, our choice for rocky areas; Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe, or the Butora Brava Kids Climbing Shoe.

Upper material

5 Best Climbing Shoes for Kids Who Want to Conquer New HeightsWhy should you care about the upper material? Well, if you make the wrong choice, your kid will develop bruises. The upper part of the kids’ climbing shoe should help the feet have proper aeration. This simply means your kid’s feet should have enough room for breathing. While leather is a good and long-lasting material, we advise you go for synthetic. The La Sportiva Kids’ Stickit Rock Climbing Shoe mixes both materials for a better feel.


Your kid is not in any way a robot. At several points, kids need to make turns when climbing. Such turns can be drastic at some point. With this in mind, they need shoes that do not give them problems when making such turns. Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe, which is designed with a 3D heel is the perfect choice for this. With this shoe, your kid will not feel as if they are turning manually. The shoe itself will give the kid a sense of foot security even if the kid makes several abrupt turns.


A good shoe should be able to fit the wearer. You wouldn’t want your kid to suffer discomfort when s/he needs to enjoy trekking through the thicket to the mountain. Where should you measure your kid? Well, the shoe should fit perfectly from the top part, the innersole, midsole, and the outsole. Whenever the kid will feel the shoe does not fit properly, they will not enjoy their climbing. Also, choose one to two sizes up if you want the shoes to last for a long time.

Lacing or Velcro?

5 Best Climbing Shoes for Kids Who Want to Conquer New Heights

A shoe is useless if it does not hold to the feet. You would be dragging the shoe if it doesn’t have the laces or any form of tightening the upper part. Remember how important lacing or buckling up is important to the kid and the shoe. Nonetheless, lacing is conventionally regarded as the perfect way to ensure the shoe fits the foot and is as close as possible all the time. If you prefer lacing to Velcro, then La Sportiva Kids’ Stickit Rock Climbing Shoe is the ideal choice.

Outsoles pattern

Patterns at the lower side of the outsole matter a lot. Take for instance a shoe that does not have any outsole pattern at all. Skidding would be easy. It would be the same if the shoe’s outsole pattern takes a straight line from the ankle to the toes. But what of an across, spiral or round pattern? Without a doubt, the latter three patterns will enhance kid stability when climbing up or downhill.


While the manufacturer may indicate the shoe size, the kid will either have a bigger foot or a smaller one. In some cases, the foot will be narrow or broad. Nevertheless, we advise you look for shoes with a wider range of size such as 1-13. Besides, it is prudent to go for a shoe that expands. For this reason, we suggest Mad Rock Mad Monkey Kids Climbing Shoe or Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe.5 Best Climbing Shoes for Kids Who Want to Conquer New Heights

Return policy

It is your right to have the right shoe size for your kid. In the event that the shoe did not fit your kid, a good company should be able to exchange the shoe for you. While there is no guarantee that every company should do so, you need to check on a manufacturer who is willing to do this. Black Diamond, the maker of Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe, has a nice return policy.


There are many ways to train your kids at home. You can have training sessions at home by showing your kids videos and techniques of accomplished rock climbers. You can also collect and arrange a number of rocks and stones to form a small hill-like landscape at your compound for training purposes.

There is no exact age, although it is preferred that children aged between 4 and 9 years start to learn climbing techniques.

La Sportiva is perhaps the best. The shoe uses rubber, leather and synthetic materials.

Our Verdict

We loved the reviewing experience but we had to settle on the top three products. At first place is the Butora Brava Kids Climbing Shoe. It has a great upper part, an awesome rubber sole and comes in different sizes.

Second is the La Sportiva Kids’ Stickit Rock Climbing Shoe is one of our best considerations. The shoe has rubber, leather, and synthetic materials. Besides, it has laces.

Lastly, there is Mad Rock Mad Monkey Kids Climbing Shoe. This seemingly new shoe in the market is spacious, has strong rear straps, comes in two nice colors, and costs only $45.

Training your kids how to rock climb is one thing and choosing the best climbing shoes for kids is quite another. However, it is our hope that this write-up has assisted you immensely in finding the right shoe for your kid.

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