6 Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet – Ride in Comfort and Optimize Your Performance

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Cycling is a rewarding activity many of us enjoy. Whether you’re a professional or a novice, finding the right cycling shoes is important. With the right shoes, you can engage in mountain biking or road biking without problems. For people blessed with wide feet, finding the perfect fit can be challenging. However, there are a number of brands that focus on providing some of the best cycling shoes for wide feet – experience shoes that offer adequate support and comfort without faltering.

In the search of cycling shoes for wide feet, there are a number of factors that need consideration. Features such as the shoe type and function are crucial to finding a good pair. You also need to understand cleat compatibility how it will affect the kind of bicycles and shoes you have access to. Do you tend to sweat a lot? If yes, then you want shoes that have adequate air circulation. All these small factors, including preferred closure types, will affect your purchasing decisions.

Over the course of a few days, we scoured the market trying to see which brands offer cycling shoes for wide feet. We have compiled all the information you need in the review below. The comparison table will show you the kinds of shoes available and their ratings. The detailed reviews offer in-depth information on the shoes while the buying guide indicates what features to look out for.

Finding the best cycling shoes has never been as easy. Let’s get started…

Top 6 Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet Review 2022

  • Cleat compatibility: 3-bolt road
  • Upper material(s): Technomicro (composite microfiber) and mesh
  • Closure: Caliper Buckle and dual Velcro straps
  • Sole: carbon composite

Extra features: available in 4 black and white color variations, soft arch compression strap eliminates numbness and pressure

Lay your eyes upon the Sidi Men’s Genius 7 MEGA Cycling Shoes that are designed for road cycling. This model comes in a variation of four colors that all look good. The 3-bolt system shoes are designed to withstand the challenges of road cycling. The sole is created of millennium four composite carbon to provide the rigidity needed for cycling on compact roads.

When you take a look at the upper material you find Technomicro fiber. Technomicrofiber is strong but lightweight, therefore it is able to release heat easily and keep your feet cool. The easy to clean material is mildew and abrasion resistant, therefore, lasting for longer. It will be a long while before they fade. Additionally, the mesh vents are strategically positioned to provide adequate ventilation all through the day.

Cycling shoes that cater to wide feet also need secure closures. The Sidi Men’s Genius 7 MEGA Cycling Shoes feature dual Velcro straps and their standard Caliper buckles. The compression straps arch softly eliminating any pressure on the fit that can often cause numbness. The closures are designed such that they can be adjusted easily while cycling.

Whether you are drawn to the shadow black, black, white or shadow white, you can be sure of optimal performance from these shoes.

What makes it special?

  • Offers comfortable cushioning for wide feet
  • Come in multiple colors and attractive designs
  • Sole is firm enough for powerful transitions
  • The shoes have good breathability
  • Have compression straps to lessen pressure on the feet

What cons did we find?

  • The Velcro straps wear out slightly after a while

Lake Cycling Men’s CX 241Best with Boa Dial Straps

  • Cleat compatibility: 3-hole road bike
  • Upper material(s): full-grain leather, mesh
  • Closure: 2 boa dial straps
  • Sole: carbon fiber

Extra features: available in white and black color options

Introducing the Lake Cycling Men’s CX 241 shoes that come in two colors, black, or a mixture of white and black. The shoes have simple and clean details that make the shoes look edgy. The closure system chosen for these road cycling shoes are the boa straps which are known to provide a custom fit. Individually customize the tension of the closure and give your feet room for proper blood circulation.

For firmness and lightweight feel to the sole, the manufacturer used carbon fiber. The firmness of the sole allows the effective transfer of energy from the muscles to the pedal. Additionally, these shoes are designed to offer more room for four feet. With 15mm more space, your toes relax and spread out.

The upper section is made from full grain leather. The durable leather has been perforated to allow ventilation. The mesh paneling is used to provide additional ventilation to keep your feet from sweating. Even on a summer’s day, you can cycle in comfort.

Among the best cycling shoes for wide feet in the market, the Lake Cycling Men’s CX 241 model utilizes a 3-bolt cleat system. This makes it perfect for road cycling, especially for long rides. They are comfortable, secure and comfortable for men of all sizes to enjoy. Use Lake’s sizing chart to get the right fit.

Why is it special?

  • The boa closures provide a comfortable fit
  • The rigid bottom has good traction
  • Offers 15mm more room for comfort
  • The leather used is durable and soft

What are the flaws?

  • Could be a tad pricey depending on the supplier

SHIMANO SH-TR9 Best Men’s Triathlon Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

  • Cleat compatibility: 3-hole
  • Upper material(s): faux leather, mesh
  • Closure: dual Velcro hook and loop straps
  • Sole: carbon fiber

Extra features: available in blue color , breathable 3D mesh, padded tongue and collar, asymmetrical heel ensures easy to pull on and off

The SHIMANO SH-TR9 cycling shoes deserve bragging rights for being so comfortable. They come in blue color. The top of the shoes is created out of faux leather which is known to retain color and can be easily cleaned. For ventilation, the material has been perforated and a mesh incorporated. The 3D mesh will allow your feet to remain cool as you endure the triathlon. The toe cap is there to provide firmness and ventilation as you cycle.

To fasten the shoes to your feet, you will use the dual Velcro and loop straps. The user-friendliness design of the closure facilitates easy transitions. Designed especially for men, the shoes are fitted with a soft fabric lining and a foam insole. The insole is lightweight to provide a comfortable feel. These shoes also possess a padded collar and asymmetrical heel for simple on/off pull.

Transferring constant power from the muscles to the pedal requires a firm sole. These cycling shoes for wide feet have carbon fiber soles that provide adequate support. The shoes utilize the 3-hole cleat system and they would be most compatible with PD-9000 pedals. Each shoe weighs approximately 10oz making them light enough for fast movements.

SHIMANO releases shoes according to the UK size chart. You may have to find a size converter to know which size to get.

What are our favorite features?

  • Good value for money
  • Carbon fiber soles are firm and durable
  • Specially made for male triathletes
  • Design provides a comfortable fit
  • Has good air circulation
  • Can be worn with/without socks

What could be better?

  • May not be aesthetically appealing to some

SIDI Alba 2 Mega Cycling ShoesBest Durability

  • Cleat compatibility: 3-hole design
  • Upper material(s): “Politex”
  • Closure: boa-type combination wire-velcro system
  • Sole: Millennium 4 carbon composite

Other features: replaceable anti-slip heel pad and toe vent system, double-stitched seams

You might be thinking that having wide feet exempts you from having comfortable cycling shoes. It doesn’t. You can look into the Sidi Alba 2 Mega Cycling Shoes for proof on the same.

These shoes have a Politex upper body. As such, you can already attach some benefits to the pair of shoes, including durability and flexibility. However, the list of features for these shoes doesn’t end there.

You as well get a heel-cup system that deserves a lot of praise. As such, you won’t have to worry about a comfortable fit in this area. Additionally, there is an anti-slip heel pad. If you feel it no longer works, it can be removed and replaced with a new one.

Another replaceable component is the toe vent system. Nevertheless, not all components can be replaced with new ones. As such, the other parts need to be reinforced against damage. This is where the double-stitched seams come in.

You as well have a wire-velcro system that is durable and helps achieve a comfortable fit. It is assisted in this endeavor by a soft in-step closure system.

The sole is also not left behind in giving you more benefits. You are assured of a firm feel on the pedals due to the carbon composite construction of the shoes.

What are its best features?

  • Durable sole and upper material
  • Breathable
  • Ensures a comfortable fit
  • Has several replaceable components that can help enhance the lifespan of each pair
  • Offers a no-flex feel when pedaling

What could be improved?

  • There are currently no complaints about the design or feel of the shoes

SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe Best Women’s MTB Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

  • Cleat compatibility: 2-hole mountain bike
  • Upper material(s): synthetic leather
  • Closure: laces
  • Sole: carbon fiber

Extra features: exclusive high-traction; mud-shedding tread, anti-slip arch outsole, available in black, gray/magenta, gray/orange

Enjoy the choice that the SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoes have to offer. You get six colors to choose from, giving you a chance to exercise your personal taste. The mountain biking shoes have been designed especially for women with wide feet. Considered among the best cycling shoes for wide feet in the market, the shoes’ uppers are made of synthetic leather which is affordable and resistant to UV fading.

Since they are designed to handle different terrains, the shoes possess great traction. The shoes can handle muddy terrains well due to the mud-shedding tread and anti-slip sole. The sole features a pattern that arches to provide stability in different terrains. The carbon fiber material is pretty durable, so you can be sure that the lightweight sole will not wear out fast.

To facilitate a good fit, the shoes come with mini-power strap shoe lacing. Whether you have extra wide feet or just a little chubby, the shoes will fit comfortably without the straps pinching some areas.

As for the cleats, these shoes use 2-hole systems. The shoes themselves do not come with cleats, therefore, pick from your favorite brand of cleats and match them with compatible pedals. Pick your favorite color and enjoy the SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoes.

What stands out?

  • They look good
  • Provides a comfortable fit
  • Affordable
  • Gives a range of colors to pick from
  • The sole has good traction
  • Good ventilation

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Not easy to adjust straps while riding
  • Does not come with cleats

Giro Chamber MTB ShoesBudget Pick

  • Cleat compatibility: SPD
  • Upper material(s): synthetic leather
  • Closure: laces and Velcro hook-and-loop strap
  • Sole: Vibram

Extra features: anti-microbial, reinforced toe box

The Giro Chamber MTB Shoes may fool you from afar as they look like regular skater shoes at first glance. They, however, are designed to provide quality support as you engage in leisurely cycling. These shoes are compatible with SPD (Shimano peddling dynamics). You can actually use these shoes on flat pedals like the Shimano Saint pedals without any problems.

Synthetic leather is the material of choice for this model. The upper material has been perforated to allow proper air circulation. The laces and Velcro closures secure your feet to the shoes without applying too much pressure, and the midsoles have been engineered to reduce damage to the arch of your feet and relieve pain.

The sole is made from Vibram which is basically vulcanized rubber. Vibram is known all over the world for its great traction. Even on smooth surfaces, traction and abrasion-resistant abilities can be seen. In addition to great traction, the shoes have a reinforced toe box for support and protection from impact.

A unique feature in these shoes is the antimicrobial treatment used to ward off any odors or organisms that might harm your skin. You can be assured that even your feet get sweaty, you are protected from any ailments. You can get these shoes either in black or a bright jewel-blue color.

What do we love it for?

  • Compatible with SPD pedals
  • Good value for money
  • Provides adequate arch support
  • Features anti-microbial abilities
  • Ventilation and blood circulation function well

What were we disappointed with?

  • Might be a bit cumbersome
  • Laces can wear out over time, and are not as convenient as straps

Things to Consider

The buying guide presented below will indicate some of the benefits and features of cycling shoes for wide feet. By understanding the ins and outs of cycling shoes you can be assured to get the right pair for your purpose.

Reasons to get top-quality cycling shoes for wide feet

giant-zapas-02Why go through the trouble of getting the best cycling shoes for wide feet? The reasons are simple, but crucial to your experience when cycling. For example:

Muscle efficiency

Cycling shoes are designed to have stiff soles so that it is possible to apply pressure to the pedals for more power. This forces your quadriceps and hamstring muscles to engage in the correct way, creating a good balance. The muscles are able to share the strain, thereby reducing fatigue while cycling.


Unlike normal shoes, cycling shoes are created from breathable materials. These materials allow air circulation so that your feet don’t start sweating. With features such as air vents, your feet will be able to relax and feel comfortable, especially during long rides.


Since cycling shoes are intended for more tasking functions, the materials used should be able to withstand constant usage. That is why manufacturers go the extra mile to use quality materials that can take the pressure of cycling.

Overall efficiency

Depending on the type of pedal in use, you can get the maximum experience while cycling. For example, SPD-compatible shoes work perfectly with SPD pedals. The contact between the clips and the pedals is designed to keep slippage at bay, thereby offering stability

Features to consider when choosing the best cycling shoes for wide feet

2008-03-11_Bicyclist_in_CarrboroWhat are some of the features that you need from a pair of cycling shoes for wide feet? You need to identify these first before making a purchase. Whether you are doing a triathlon or mountain biking, you want the best cycling shoes for wide feet money can buy.

Shoe style

Cycling shoes for wide feet come in different styles that will appeal to the tastes and purpose of the user. For example, there are:

Triathlon style shoes

Triathlon style shoes are light and come with plenty of ventilation so that the user remains comfortable even when competing. They often have Velcro straps that are easily adjustable and able to secure your feet. These kinds of shoes have a softer lining so that the user has an option of whether to wear socks. They are compatible with both three and two bolt mounts.

Road cycling shoes

These come with low profile soles and upper ventilation to encourage comfortability. They are compatible with three-bolt cleats mainly. Check to see whether the pedals are compatible with the number of cleats provided before purchase. The price of the shoe will vary depending on the kind of closure system used. The Sidi Men’s Genius 7 MEGA Cycling Shoes is a good example of dependable road cycling shoes.

Mountain biking shoes

MTB shoes come with mid-soles that are flexible and great traction so as to weather the terrain. They are lightweight and flexible so that the user is able to walk in them if need be. The shoes have smaller cleats and use a two bolt system to merge with a compatible pedal. You can get these shoes according to the season, there are some created for winter and others for the summer season. Look at the SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe that handles different terrains well.

Cleat compatibility

20120522-BIKE-TEST-453editThis is crucial information when buying cycling shoes for wide feet. The cleats that a pair of shoes possess will determine the type of bike and pedals that will be in use. Cleats are not interchangeable between systems due to the design. Some will be compatible with the two bolt mount and others with the three-bolt mount. Always check the product description for cleat compatibility.

Upper materials

Trail-Shoes-Mini-Grouptest_9Different materials are used in the upper section of cycling shoes for comfort reasons. These materials will differ depending on the function of the shoe and the amount of ventilation needed. There is a choice between synthetic or natural fibers depending on the durability needed.

Natural fibers are preferred for their durability while synthetic fibers offer a lighter feel. For example, the SHIMANO SH-TR9 shoes have faux leather mesh uppers, while the Lake Cycling Men’s CX 241 have a fully grained leather upper. The SHIMANO SH-TR9 may have better breathability.


The soles play an important part in cycling shoes for wider feet. Depending on the function of the shoes, the soles might be stiff or flexible. Shoes intended for mountain biking will have more sole flexibility compared to road cycling shoes. This is to facilitate efficient cycling and walking if needed.

Sole materials will also vary depending on the function. Triathlon shoes like the SHIMANO SH-TR9 need to be lightweight and therefore materials like carbon fiber are used. Other materials include nylon and Vibram. Vibram is used in cycling shoes that need a flexible sole that can be used for walking.

Arch support

To provide comfortability and to lessen pain experienced while cycling, arch support is indispensable. Look for cycling shoes that offer quality in-sole designs. The insole should be able to balance any pressure applied at the arches and prevent any pain. Look for cycling shoes with durable insoles to prevent damage to your muscles over time, like the ones found in the Lake Cycling Men’s CX 241. Insoles that collapse easily will do you a disservice.


This goes back to the function of the shoes. Some shoes will be lighter to facilitate easier movements, for example, triathlon shoes. Mountain biking shoes intended for winter will bear heavy materials to keep the user warm and keep water out. You can always read the product description to see the weight of the shoes before purchasing them. Avoid compromising the quality of the shoes just because you need a lightweight pair. Always go for the best cycling shoes for the wide feet you can find.

Sizes they’re available in

LOW00741Wearing the right size of cycling shoes can save you a lot of discomfort. Smaller sizes pinch your feet while the larger sizes tend to slip out. The cycling shoe brands featured here can be purchased in the size you need.

Always refer to the size chart and any possible size conversions to get the correct size according to your location. If you happen to possess extra wide feet, do not worry. Selecting a size up will have you comfortable and cycling in no time.

Closure Options

Closure options boil down to personal preference and function of the shoes. For example, you may find triathlon shoes with Velcro straps for simple removal and quick adjustments. Manufactures, however, use a mix of different systems to provide the right fit and support. You can find some of the best cycling shoes for wide feet using wired laces with tension dials. Ratcheting buckles are also common with well-known brands.


There is a simple solution to that. Look at the soles of the cycling shoes and check to see for spikes. If you find no protruding spikes, then they can be used on flat pedals.

The leather is preferred because of its durability. Leather also does a good job shaping to the cycler’s feet. If leather is not allowed to breathe, your feet will get sweaty. Mesh inserts and plenty of perforations are sure to keep your feet cool in leather shoes.

This is ill-advised as the cleats inserted in the shoes will be brushing against the ground. Over time that may create damage that will affect how the pedals and cleats work together, which will, of course, affect the user’s cycling.

Our Verdict

We gave Sidi Men’s Genius 7 MEGA Cycling Shoes a rating of 9.9 because of its high-quality features. The cycling shoes are made of Technomicro fiber meaning they release heat easily and keep your feet cool. The good ventilation, Caliper Buckle and dual Velcro straps just add more levity to the shoes. They may be a tad expensive, but worth every penny.

The Lake Cycling Men’s CX 241 cycling shoes got the second highest rating. The cycling shoes are made of full-grain leather meaning they allow good ventilation and won’t wear down quickly.  In addition, the two boa dial straps closures provide a comfortable fit.

Last is the SHIMANO SH-TR9 which we gave a rating of 9.7. This is because the shoes offer the best comfortability of all of them. They may not look so good but they take pressure off your arches relieving discomfort. If you are participating in a triathlon, these are the ones for you.

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